Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Welcome to all!!
I believe a little information about myself and our farm is in order here. First, I am the owner of Fair View Meadow Farm, which I operate along with my family (Dad-John, Mom-Louise & brother-Chad) in Wellington, OH. I am also a graduate of the Polyface apprenticeship program and a full time student at our local community college. To say the least, I lead a busy life.

Our farm is what I like to call a "local, family owned, third generation, multi species, grass-based, responsible, beyond organic farm." Our overriding mission is to be model stewards of that with which God has so greatly blessed us.
Corporate farming is taking its toll on our society physically, environmentally, and emotionally. We are out to reverse this trend and promote responsibility amongst our nation's farms. This can only be done one farm and one customer at a time. To this point, I would like to take the time thank all of our customers who make what we do possible. All of you make our work both possible and rewarding.
The purpose of this blog is twofold---
1. To provide updates about our farm.
2. To provide info and discussion of relevant and interesting topics relating to the various social, environmental, political, economic, and moral impacts of agriculture in our world today.
Feel free to comment on anything you read or about any interesting topics you may have interest in.
We are also currently working on getting a website for our farm set up. Once it is ready, we will let you know and provide a link to it.
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