Thursday, December 4, 2008

Live Local

In the next several posts, I will explain little bit about our farm and our philosophies. As I mentioned before, our farm is a local, family owned, third generation, multi-species, grass based, responsible, beyond organic farm. In consecutive posts, I will break this down and explain the significance of each of these attributes. Today, I will talk about what it means to be local.
Local is, or should be, the life-blood of our economy and society. Small, local businesses are what drive our economy and provide a majority of the jobs in our country. Big, multi-national corporations can't begin to offer what the baker, farmer, or mechanic down the street can. They don't provide the personal relationship afforded by friends and neighbors. This is a key for our farm. Knowing our customers, as well as their needs is what drives our business. It keeps us responsibile and accountable.
Supporting your local businesses can be highly beneficial and rewarding. We make that effort every day. Keeping jobs and goodwill within your local area can only bring good to all!

Posted by Nathan

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Goose said...

Bravo for the great work you are doing. Your blog has been a refreshing read.