Saturday, December 13, 2008

Diversity in the Design

Multi-speciation is one of the things that sets our farm apart from others, particularly conventional farms. We attempt to create diversity in many different ways and areas, including our animals, our pastures, and our soils. God created diversity in nature, and that is the pattern that we are attempting to follow.

For example, by running the cattle and the chickens on the same pastures, we create a symbiotic relationship. In nature, birds follow behind herds of herbivores and sanitize the prairies of flies and parasites. Our chickens, in our eggmobile, serve this purpose in our the pasture, creating the best eggs available while they are at it! This relationship in turn creates healthier pastures and animals, which translates into healthier products for you and I. Diversity is what makes nature healthy and vibrant, and it does the same for our farms and food.

posted by Nathan

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