Thursday, December 18, 2008

Beyond Organic

I'm sure some of you are wondering how we can claim to be "beyond organic." Well, the problem with the term organic is that it doesn't give much information about the product, especially meat products. Just because it is organic doesn't mean that it is grass-fed. Grass-fed and pastured production models aren't the norm in the organic industry. Unfortunately, they use a variety of confinement methods as well. This is a picture of an organic egg farm in California.

What we mean by "beyond organic" is that our production methods are held to higher standards than the organic industry. Because all of our animals are pastured, the products are much more nutritious and tasty than those raised in confinement. The animals also have a better life. For example, our free-range hens actually have free-range to eat grass and bugs like chickens should, instead of merely getting a dirt yard. Because of this, the quality of our eggs and meat is far superior to anything else. Quality hinges more on the production methods than on the feed.

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