Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Responsible Farming

Responsibility is one of our key values. This quality has seemingly disappeared in agriculture today. The call for cheap food has led to corporate agriculture that seeks only profits. People, animals, the environment, and communities have all suffered because of these establishments. The entire goal is to push as many animals through the system as fast as they can. Scenes like the one above now typify agriculture. All of this is done without regard to animal welfare, the effect on the environment, the health of consumers, or respect for the farmers themselves.

We are called by God to be good stewards of that under our control. Here at our farm, we know that responsibility is the key to this. We are held responsible by God, our customers, and our consciences. Our production models are designed to provide animal health and comfort, a vibrant ecology, and clean, safe products for our customers. When thousands upon thousands of food products are recalled every year because of contamination, common sense says that something is wrong with the current paradigm. Who really benefits the most when animals suffer or the local ecology is upset by manure spills and chemical sprays or local taxpayers have to foot the bill clean up contamination? I would wager that it isn't the consumer. This is why voting for responsibility with your food dollars is so important.

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