Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Grass Is King

Grass-based is the next aspect of our farm we will discuss. Our farm is what is typically defined as a "grass farm" within the industry. That simply means that we farm just that- grass. Grass forms the foundation of our feeding and nutrition programs. All of our animals have access to fresh grass during some or all of their lives. For instance, our cows eat a diet consisting entirely of grass and hay until the day they leave our farm. Our chickens, both meat and egg, are put onto grass once they are old enough to leave the brooder. All farm animals are capable of eating at least some portion of their diet in grass.

All of our animals are moved to fresh grass every day or two. This is absolutely key to maintain the health of the animals, pastures, and, ultimately, the products we produce. Moving the animals often maintains lush and productive pastures, perfect for creating top-notch products. This keeps the animals healthier by moving them away from the parasites they leave behind. Natural sanitation then occurs through sunshine and decomposition, leaving a clean plate, so to speak, for the animals the next time they come by. By taking these simple measures, we are able to produce the cleanest, healthiest, safest, freshest, and best tasting products for our customers.

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