Friday, May 8, 2009

Chick Day

Our 1st batch of peeps arrived the other day. They were suppose to come last week but the hatchery had a conveyor belt problem which pushed us back. I'm thinking one belt stopped while the other keep moving --I think you know what happened from there. This creates a bit of a problem for us now as Nathan wanted these guys out of the brooder before the next batch WE have a back up.

Nathan bringing the chicks into the brooder

This is how they come. There's 140 in this batch.

Nathan taking the chicks out of the boxes and putting them into their new home for the next few weeks. They will be in the heat controlled enviroment until they are strong enough to withstand being outside all the time. It is very important to keep them here as it needs to be warm as they don't have feathers right now to keep themselves warm enough and they are the perfect sized meal for a preditor. They don't have a momma hen looking out for them.

WATCH YOUR STEP NATHAN!!! This picture give you a good idea of how small they are compared to us....but they do grow fast.

But they, though, don't care where they step!! He's standing in the water.

It dawned on me that I can take videos with this camera so I took a short one to give you the sight and sounds of the brooder. This does a better job than a what a picture could do. Turn on the sound and you'll hear the peeps talking. They do talk to you if you listen. For just being handled like they were, they are telling us that they are content for the most part.

I can hear you now---"OH-- they are sooo cute!". Let me say this--they are only cute for a couple weeks!

If you are intersted in getting some fresh, pastured, grass-fed chicken, let us know as we are taking orders now for the 2009 season.


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