Tuesday, May 19, 2009

just stuff

Sometime it's hard to think of a good title for a blog entry when nothing special is happen, so this time I just went with 'just stuff'...that took a lot of thought huh?!?!

Here are a few snapshots of things happening around here......

A momma robin thought it would be a good idea to make a nest in a crate we put up (but never took down) for the chickens when they started laying eggs. It's unusual that she would pick here as it is kind of open and close to the grown. I'm surprised the cats haven't found them yet. We hope the babies have flown away by the time we need the pen for the chickens that got a little while ago.

A close up--it looks like there are 2 babies.

The cows have gotten out of their paddock 3 times in the past few days. The high grass isn't helping keep the electric at full power either. They decided to run up and visit the hens so the guys needed to get out there right away and get them back before they destroyed everything.

The last of the blueberry blossoms. The blossoms actually have a very pleasant smell to them. For me, they probably rank 2nd after lilacs as far as best smelling. When I walk by, I make sure I take a few second to smell them before I move on. It's aromatherapy.

The front part of the garden is humming along pretty good. I have heard of people using old tires for potatoes so I decided to experiment this year. I cut quite a bit of it away and only left the shell. So far so good but we'll see what the potatoes look like when they are done and how many I actually get compared to the ones not in the tires.

Yesterday I planted quite a bit of the middle part of the garden and then found out after I was done that there was now a small chance of frost that night. Sooo..... I had to drag everything out to protect all my work and this is what it looked like when I was done. It ended up not frosting but if I hadn't covered it, it would of. The frosty night should now be over until October. Now on to planting the rest of it.


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