Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Grass-Finished Lamb

The next product on our list to tell you about is our grass-finished lamb. The lamb is produced in virtually the same manner as our beef. The lambs are raised on pasture all the way until market. Sheep, like cattle, are ruminants. This means that they are capable of surviving on a diet consisting entirely of grass and don't need any grain.This not only makes the lamb much more nutritious, it imparts excellent flavor to the meat. Also, by pasturing lambs to finish, the potential for illness caused by bacteria is much lower, like with cattle.

Sheep and cattle can also form a unique symbiotic relationship if raised together. Pastures will grow a diverse mix of plants. However, cattle won't always eat all of these plants and neither will sheep, but, when paired together, they utilize all of the plants growing in the pasture. This is because sheep and cattle each prefer different kinds of plants than the other. This is the same type of relationship that is seen among different species in the wild, which lends to the vast amount of diversity in nature.

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