Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pigs Arrive

Yesterday our new farm products arrived...PIGS!

We are not big pork eater but have had customers over the years ask us about doing pigs so Nathan decided to take on that task. Both he and John have experience with raising pigs, but me on the other hand....nodda.....nothing. I have not dealt with pigs ever, so this is going to be a new experience for me.

I wasn't doing anything at the moment when Nathan needed to go pick them up so I went along for the ride.

Here they are, all ready to be loaded up into the back of our truck. They are about 50 lbs..... a little smaller (and more expensive) than what Nathan wanted them to be, but they will do.

Since they were small enough to be transported in our truck, we had to dig out the old cap from our other 'since departed' truck and put that on so the little guys wouldn't jump out of the bed on the way home. The problem is, our new truck is red and the old cap that went with that old truck is green. It looked like a real nice classy carriage for the pigs ride home-- but I don't think they cared. Me, on the other hand, I was hoping I didn't see too many people I knew..... I was feeling a little bit like a hillbilly in that set up. It did get the job done though.

Nathan taking them out of the truck and getting them to go to the other side of the barn. They don't look that big (and they aren't) BUT they are really strong. I tried to get one to go further into the barn as it stop just after the concrete and it wasn't going anywhere.

It wasn't long and they started their routing. They route because they are looking for food. They can tear a place up pretty good after a while. I don't think they had the chance to do this at the place they were at so this was letting them do what pigs want to do....and they seemed to be enjoying it.

Checking things out.

I was right beside this guy (he was facing the other one you see in the pic) and he turned around and froze when he saw me.

The little guys were kind of cute to watch them play with each other, running in circles (and each other) once they got use to being in their new, very open place. I know they will be MUCH happier with their new home.

To change the topic slightly: If you are interested in any freezer pork, please let me know. I am forming a list now of those interested and when we have more info on prices and all I will get back to you. We are shooting for them to be finished in January.

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