Saturday, October 23, 2010

Around the Farm I

I have been meaning all summer to put farm pics that I've taken here and there on to the blog but thought I should have some 'like' pics to go with them. I've waited for more as I don't want to post something for just a pic or 2 with no special topic. Well it never happened. Sooo I am giving up on that and just going to start a new category (or Label as it's called at the right of this page), called 'Around the Farm' and from now on when I get some, no matter if they go together or not, I will put them there.

Here are some that were taken this summer and some not too long ago........

I have a post further back about a rainbow that graced our farm a while back but then again this summer we were blessed with 2 more since then.

This one is later in the day , of course, and if you can see it (you can click on the pic to enlarge it) the end of the rainbow stops right at a white things in the pasture. That white thing would be the broiler pen-- which had chickens in it at the time too. Thought it neat on where the end stopped....maybe this means something?!?!?

This is a big Golden Rod plant.

Waiting for drinks.....

Happy hour!

Path between the fence and the woods.

I sometimes wonder how the electric fence can work with all this stuff in it.

Catching the cattle with the fall color.

I was out not too long ago weeding in the strawberry patch and heard a chicken squawk. We had been having predator problems so I went to see what was going on. There was nothing out there but did noticed that the chickens were following the cattle rather close.....really close that is. After watching for a bit, I figured out why. This year we seem to have more crickets and grasshoppers than normal. The chickens figured out that hanging with the cattle as they walked to graze, they would stir up the critters so the ladies could just grab them when they scoured away. This would be their version of fast food. So the squawk that I heard came from one of the birds not watching where Gabriell (one of our bulls) was walking and more than likely got stepped on.

I let some of my fall red raspberries go to bloom in the spring. It was nice having all these berries at one time. I didn't know which to eat first! But I do think from now on I will just keep the red ones for the fall as it was just too much picking and keeping up with all this when I had so many other things going on at the same time.

Wish I had some of these on the bushes right's going to be a long winter...fresh is best!

basil, squash and tomatoes

First of the Sungold cherry tomatoes turning color....YUM!

Blackberries just getting ripe. It was a very good year for these.

I bought some new fall red raspberry plants to help keep up with demand so these are not that big yet. Blueberry plants in the background....they turn a pretty red color in the fall.

Every now and then something unusual happens at the fairgrounds. This would be one of those occasions. This doesn't happen often (but I wish it would), a hot air balloon took off from there not too long ago. Grabbed the camera! This is actually a close-up.

This would be real life size. Took it from the backyard.

Had a bluebird hang around this spring so I put together a falling apart birdhouse on the fence post up by the house. Yes that is tape holding a section together! I broke the board when I was trying to get the roof was a bit brittle and didn't hold together for long. We didn't know if they would move in as it was close to the patio. Then ended up trusting us and moved in. It was nice to sit on the patio (when we could) and watch them.

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