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More GMOs

I would like to start the new year off with a new 'series' that deals in part some of the # 2 purpose of this blog: To provide info and discussion of relevant and interesting topics relating to the various social, environmental, political, economic, and moral impacts of agriculture in our world today.

Because we wanted to let you know of things that we come across that we think you might like to know about, we have decided to give these topics the label name of 'In The Know'. (If anyone comes across something that you know about that we didn't notice yet, please share that with us.) As I said, topics that we come across will be put into the label of 'In The Know', so if you are checking back to see what's been happening here on the farm and want to also caught up with those other happenings in your world, click on the 'In The Know' label (it's in the white box to the right of the page under Labels) and it will bring up all that has been posted there.

The first 'In the Know' topic has to deal with a new GMO (genetically modified organism) or GE (genetically engineered) product now on the store shelves that you might like to avoid. If you don't buy organic, you could be using a GMO/GE food item--SUGAR--and not even know about it.

In a response letter from Kellogg's dealing with a comment letter sent by OCA (Organic Consumers Associations) basically saying "we don't want GE sugar so don't offer it", one of Kellogg's responses was....
"Consumer preference is the critical factor Kellogg uses in determining the products being provided in each market, and those preferences are not the same in every country", then went on to say "Public acceptance of biotechnology in Europe is lower than in the United States. As a result, all Kellogg products sold in Europe are free of any ingredients derived from biotech sources."

Kellogg's believes that the concerns about biotech ingredients in U.S. food are low....we need to change that! It would help change 'those preferences' though if we did have the same labeling advantages that Europe has so we could know more about the food we are buying. You, the consumer, do have a say in determining the products available by voting every time you use your food dollars. Please see article below......

**** From: Organic View (a publication of OCA), Winter 2008 ****
Fighting For Food Safety
OCA Launches Kellogg's Boycott as GE Sugar Hits Supermarket Shelves

OCA and our allies have called for a boycott of all Kellogg's products after the company refused to source only GE-free sugar. Farmers in the US began planting Monsanto's genetically engineered sugar beets on a wide scale for the first time this year. Much of this crop will be converted to table sugar and sweeteners used in cereals, candies and other food products.

Of course, as with all genetically engineered foods in the US, none of the products containing these ingredients will be labeled as such. Roughly half of all processed foods contain sugar from sugar beets, so when these products hit grocery store shelves, millions of consumers will be exposed to yet another experimental biotech ingredient.

The enviromental aspects of the Franken-crop are equally disturbing. Monsanto's RoundUp Ready Genetically Engineered Sugar Beets is designed to withstand massive doses of toxic weed killers, and studies of other comparable GE-crop varieties indicated a notable increase in pesticide use.

To read more (and see the letters) and to take action go to:

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