Saturday, January 17, 2009

Looking Out For Us?

And the government wants us to believe that they have our bests interest at heart and are looking out for us? Who are they really serving?

A few short articles for our 'In The Know' category.

****Both are from: Acres, December 2008****

USDA Subsidizing GMO Crops
The USDA is offering corn farmers a $3 per acre discount on crop insurance rates for fields planted to a genetically engineered corn in the 2009 season. To qualify, a farmer must plant at least 75% of his crop from a qualified variety of GM corn from Monsanto, Pioneer, Sygenta or Dow AgroSciences.

Testing Pesticides on Children
The EPA has "temporarily" shelved two experimental studies that would have exposed infants and school children to potentially hazardous levels of pesticides and other chemicals. One would have involved infants under the age of 3 in the Las Vegas area, and the other would have assessed "exposure for school-aged children." In 2005 the agency had canceled a program that would have paid Florida parents to spray pesticides in the rooms of their infant children, but in 2007 the EPA formally legalized experimentation on human subjects. Jeff Ruch of the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility noted that these corporate-sponsored experiments "are usually designed to justify higher human exposure to pesticides.....while serving no discernible public health purposes."

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Vickie Radovanic said...

This is disgusting I feel like we are back in the 40S when they did tests on war prisionors. This is an out rage CHILDREN!