Friday, February 25, 2011

The Exodus

Last night and today we've had a good size snow storm come through. I just measured the stuff on the sidewalk and so far, as it's still snowing, we've gotten 9" of the heavy wet stuff.

Ye Olde Cow Path, Watch Thy Step......

Have you heard that saying before? It's true, cows do have paths.... and ours are no different. They are creatures of habit. Ours have a path from the pasture barn to the bigger pasture area where John feeds them everyday when they can't get to the grass themselves. We can see them walk this path from our kitchen window. We've seen them do this many times but today was rather unique. It was 11am and still snowing but apparently they were tired of waiting for us so they made the trek out themselves hoping we'd notice and bring lunch. Sometimes these guys act just like children!

Gabriel (our bull) lead the way this time plowing through the snow for the crew...and it really did look like he was plowing. I missed getting a pic of that before he went behind the trees. Everyone is in single file with their heads down headed for the food area.....moving no faster than the one in front of them.
This is what they call herd leads and the rest just follow--following and not really thinking about what they are doing.

Still coming.....

First part of the herd coming out from behind the trees on the left with the tail end still on the other side.

Coming into the area where they get fed.

Still coming.....

Then they stood there waiting for the food to come. If we opened the window, we could hear them calling us. John when out a bit later. They will munch for a while then, as they usually do, make their way back to the barn using the same path that got them there.

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