Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fresh Chicken Day 2010

About a week ago we had the farm's fresh chicken day(s) for 2010. These are our meat (broiler) chickens that are raised on pasture and without drugs.

I meant to, but I did not get out to see the chickens this year after going onto pasture or help with chore time at all....I think this is a first.

I thought I'd share with you what happened through some of this process.......

At first, (when I saw the picture) I thought we had a density stocking problem out there as things looked really crowded. After asking Nathan, he said that every day when he would go out to feed and move them, they would crowd to the front of the pen. The reason-- because they knew shortly that he would be moving the pen forward to new grass..... and they wanted to be ready for it. Sooo...this is basically crowding in the lunch line.

After the move..... and looking for goodies.

When chickens are aloud to live outdoors in the sunshine, move, jump and fly around like chickens are suppose to, they will have less fat, calories and cholesterol in them for you to consume. No 'couch potatoes' here!

This pic says it all! You can see the 'trail' that the pen leaves after its been moved to fresh grass. it's not trampled down grass either, it's cut short grass. They do a great job of mowing..... and fertilize while doing it. All this grass in the belly makes for a bird that is higher in omega-3s (60% of the fatty acids in grass are omega-3s), beta carotene and Vitamins A & E.

It's been estimated that only 40% of Americans consume an adequate supply of omega-3 fatty acids. Of the 60% that are low, 20% have blood levels so low it can't be detected. Switching to grass-fed/pastured raised animals is one way to restore this vital missing nutrient back into the diet.

On to chicken pick up day.......

Nathan chatting with Trish (from Oberlin). And Liz (Grafton), with little one in toe.

A table full of chickens (and some other farm items) ready for take home.

I think Doris (Oberlin) was just as excited about getting our last 50 cent tomato than she was about getting her chickens. Doris was also picking up things for Anne (Oberlin)....that was nice of her. Janet & Richard (Wellington) and Karen (Parma) wait patiently for their items.

I wanted to get more customer pics but with me getting the orders ready and ringing things up, I forgot about it most of the time until it was too late.

We would like to thank all those that supported us this year in our fresh chicken day 2010!

Raising chickens can be a lot of work but when you hear comments like:
"This is the way chicken use to (should) taste."
"They looked and tasted wonderful--nothing compares.",
it makes it worth the work to give the birds a happy, good life so you can have good, healthy food.


If you're just finding this and would of liked some fresh chicken, but you missed out this year, please contact us so you can be added to our spring mailing list for when ordering time begins again next year.

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