Monday, June 7, 2010

Buzzard Update II

It looks like this will be the last post about the buzzards.

We went out to check on the progress today and as we approached the tree, the momma didn't fly out as usual. We both looked at each other and thought that this is not a good sign. It meant she was either out gathering food or there was no egg and we were hoping it was the gathering food situation. I'm sad to report that there is no longer any eggs in the nest. This time, though, I did see broken shells from that last egg....they were still in the nest. There could be many reason why that egg broke but the 2 strongest possibilities are that another animal got to it (some really like finding eggs like this and eating them) or one of the parents broke it by accident or maybe it wasn't even fertile. There was a bird that made a nest in our chicken pen, as we are not using it yet, and those eggs are gone too (they did it last year but they were successful that time).

We were really hoping to get to see a live baby buzzard to watch and then share the progress with you. Hopefully some time soon we will be able to do that again.

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