Saturday, April 17, 2010

Garden Visitors

Earlier this week when it was nice outside, I had finally gotten around to the flower garden out front to get it cleaned up for the summer and found I had visitors. I usually don't like visitors to my gardens (well the 4 legged kind anyway) as it usually means trouble...and this kind of activity only creates more trouble. As I was cleaning I noticed that something seemed to be different....I had a dirt mound where I hadn't before. After pulling some of the creeping thyme away, I found out why.

If you look close enough (you may have to click on the photo to enlarge it) you will see fur. Once I saw this I knew exactly who it was. I knew because this has happened a few times before.... and it seems to be in the same spot none the less. It happens about every 3-4 years so I'm not thinking it's the same momma that tries this. In years past, I have caught this earlier in the process and just filled the hole back in and put everything back and that was the end of it, but it was too late this time.

See if you can guess who it is.

I pulled some more the plant cover away so you can see it better.

Pulled some of the fur away to see if I had any activity or just a hole. I was occupied with 4 little ones.

Know who my visitors are yet?

Maybe this will help give you a better clue. I pulled one out of the warm fur-lined nest to see how big they were. Their eyes are still closed and they were sleepy.....and didn't seem to care for the draft that I had created.

You can see how small they are in this picture. This one was looking for a tight, warm spot to crawl into so it headed between my fingers.

I put everyone back, covered the nest back up as best I could and continued cleaning.

Ironically I have one of the frozen, life-like kind in the bottom part of the garden already for decoration. This is the kind to have in your damage done with this one.

I guess I don't mind it so much with these guys as so far the adults don't seem to bother anything around the house or the gardens other than doing this spring stuff.

I have not seen the mother at all except for one morning hopping away over by the least I'm assuming it's was her as we don't normally see rabbits this close to the house. I don't know how or when she feeds them but it must be at night as we never see anything there during the day.

I will keep an eye on them to make sure they are doing OK now that I know they are there and hope the cats don't find them. When they are grown and have left, I will clean out the fur and fill in the hole and everything should be back to normal with little damage done.

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