Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Got that Pecking Feeling

I tried to post this a while ago but the camera picture wouldn't transfer to the computer. I then got that to work but couldn't get the picture from the software to 'my pictures' so I could add the photo to the post....actually the photo was the post. I finally did get that to work but then couldn't get into this blog account to finally post this but figured it out and here we are...finally. At least I got this posted before all the snow melted for the winter....which we are happy to see disappear! Trying to get around to do chores (or anything) is major work when snow is this deep.

I had to go over to the barn for a few weeks in Feburary to collect eggs during the day (a job I don't usually do) as John was busy at that time and couldn't do it. We had just had all the snow from the storms that had come through (over a foot of that white stuff) so walking over there got my boots well covered with snow.

When I walked into the barn, I had the fan club greet me at the door and every time I would stop long enough to collect the eggs (or do anything else), I could feel pecking at my feet. They were all pecking the snow of my boots.

I am not sure if they like snow or if it's a novel thing to do....maybe a little of both. The hens do have access to the outdoors in the winter so they could go out there and peck at it all day as there was plenty of it but I guess it's funner this way. There wasn't many going out there anyway with this amount on the ground.....it was over their head.

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Katy said...

Our hens love the snow, I was surprised to say the least.