Thursday, March 19, 2009

Planting Time

You know it's spring when you can finally can get some seeds in the ground. It will be nice to have fresh garden produce again, won't it?!?!?

A few days this week it got into the mid-sixties so I decided to get to work in the garden. Some of the beds needed repaired before I could go much further with them but some where OK. Was able to get some spinach, snow peas, lettuce, kale and swiss chard planted. I'm hoping it wasn't too early for the chard--I guess we'll find out. Now I just watch to see if everything comes up.

Getting the bed ready for some snow peas that I then planted the next day in a t-shirt and flip-flops as it was 65* outside. It was nice to wear flip-flops again!


I know this isn't about planting but I wanted to share this picture. I was doing maple syrup and planting at the same time though, which is kind of diffucult as just one of these jobs is a job in itself. Can't say I ever remember doing both before at the same time. We finished the last batch of syrup today, so now we (I) can concentrate on getting things ready for the growing season.

When we came back from gathering some sap a while ago we saw this. At first we thought the syrup shack was on fire (something we always have to watch for) but when we got inside to check it out, we found out that it was only steam. At first I thought it was because I filled the pan too full before we left, but then we figured out that it was because John had rebuilt the opening to the furnace in a break between sap flows and made it much more air tight. With this new setup the sap was boiling much better. It was kind of cool watching all the steam come out of the holes in the building as well as the steam stack.


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