Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Free-Range, Pastured Eggs

My apologies to all for not posting in a while. School has started up again and my attentions have gotten diverted to other activities. However, I would like to continue my series about our products. Today, I will talk a little about our free-range, pastured eggs. What makes our eggs so different and special from other free-range eggs? The same thing that makes all our meat products different: grass. The laws regarding free-range eggs only specify that the birds need access to the outdoors, not grass. This "access" could merely be a concrete or dirt yard. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happens within the industry.

The great thing about our production methods is that our chickens actually get to act like chickens. They get to run through the pastures, breath fresh air, and scratch around for seeds and bugs. This is how eggs were produced 100 years ago, and that is what we are trying to accomplish today. This is what produces the dark yellow yolks our eggs are known for. Also, because our hens live in a portable house with a wire floor, their droppings fall directly onto the pasture and fertilize it. To discover the amazing health benefits you can get by eating our eggs, you can refer to the post titled "Egg-citing News!" under the labels "Our Products" or "In the Know."

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